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C SprayChlorine Neutralizing Spray for Swimmers

C spray is a non-toxic, chlorine neutralizing spray that is a game changer for those who swim in chlorinated pools.

CNE 2018

made for us

and now available to you

C Spray was made out of our own need. Nothing like this exists out there. We were involved in the entire process. Idea to product. No market research. No strategy. Nothing. WE NEEDED C SPRAY. It was very simple. Nothing else was working and we had all of the time in the world. So, we kept working. We perfected C Spray by testing it on ourselves.

We launched at the Canadian National Exhibition — Canada's biggest fair — home to approximately 1.6 million people as of 2017. We used this to our advantage, gaining useful market research and getting direct interaction with our community. We now have a pretty good idea that you or someone you know probably needs C Spray.

or simply tell someone that C Spray exists

We, and many others, are going to continue depending on C Spray. It is only fair that we dedicate the next chapter of C Spray on finding our way to you or someone you know. Try C Spray, you'll be glad you did.

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Carlynn Y
October 2018

I love your product!!!! I met you guys a the CNE and I was sceptical at first because I love swimming and I suffer from Eczema so naturally swimming and chlorine don’t mix. Anyway I tried it and I LOVE it! I swim 3 times a week and my skin isn’t flaring up like it use to. I am believer in your product and would love to purchase some more from you guys. Where can I find it?


From our satisfied customers.

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We did the work.

We knew that the product was useful for us but we did not know how people would respond. With the help of a grant program we were able to get C Spray directly to the customer. This gave us the opportunity to speak with a lot of customers during our launch at the CNE. We will use all of this valuable business research as we work on C Spray.

Made in Canada